How does «Parus» company’s system work?
Online order registration
Online order registration Click the "Checkout" button enter your mobile phone number Select the required documents. You will be invoiced for the required services. After that, you will be contacted by company’s support service, to clarify the details of the order and its further approval. The cost of your order will be carried out by using the prices fixed on the website. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions regarding the order.
Documents uploading
Upload high-quality scanned documents. After confirming the quality of uploaded materials, the site will send you confirmation message of accepting the documents. In addition, you can personally transfer the documents to the translation agency "Parus".
Notarized translation
At this stage, your documents will be sent to a qualified translator, who will perform your translation in accordance with the agreed deadlines. Notarized translations on the territory of Russia must be entered in a special register, as well as the presence of a seal and signature of a notary.
Documents delivery
The last step is to receive the documents together with their notarized translation. In order to get documents and transfers, you can contact our Moscow office in person or contact our staff to arrange courier delivery. If necessary, we can send your documents to other cities of Russia through the Russian Post offices. If you live outside of Russia and want to get a notarized translation with a notary's seal, you can contact the company's employees, who will send you a scanned copy of a document translation, and the original translation itself will be stored in the bureau on demand until you or your authorized representative can pick up the documents. All the working stages are performed with high accuracy and speed. Parus support service will be ready to answer your questions.
How many languages are supported in Parus?
In Parus you can order the official translation of your documents for all languages including English, Istanbul Turkish, German, Italian, French, Arabic, Russian, etc.
Is it possible to order an official translation online?
Yes, in Parus you can place your official translation order online, the prices are listed on the tariff page, you can get free advice on how to translate your documents and prepare them.
Is it possible to obtain approvals such as the seal of the Ministry of Health, the approval of the embassy, etc.?
No. If a document needs to be obtained for additional approvals, the presence of the person or his / her official lawyer in the relevant bodies is mandatory.
Is it possible to order an official translation from Parus from Iran or other countries?
Yes, for official translation of documents, it is enough for you to send us a scan of the required documents. If you are outside Russia and need the certificate in Russia, you can introduce your trusted person to receive the certificate or ask our colleagues to send you an official translation scan. In this case, the original document is kept in our office and will be delivered to you whenever you want.
Is it possible to order official translation for example, from Spanish to Persian?
Yes, under the Russian law, only documents in Russian or from Russian language can be officially translated. For this reason, we translate first from a foreign language into Russian and then from Russian into a second foreign language.